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Environmental Forensic Investigations


What is an EFI?

MEC offers Environmental Forensic Investigations (EFI) in addition to Site Characterizations and Environmental Assessments.  Environmental Forensic Investigations are helpful when unknown sources of contamination are discovered on your property or facility or when faced with violations from local state or federal regulatory bodies.  Our staff is expertly traces contaminants back to their source by providing sampling and analysis on your site as well as sites from which contaminants may have been inadvertently imported.  

How can EFI Benefit you?

We recently completed a project where contaminated topsoil was imported into a housing subdivision.  We were able to characterize the soil and show its similarities to contaminants found at the borrow site.  This provided table summarizes the effort and shows the similarity between the analysis of the imported soils and the borrow source soils.  Especially compelling is the similarity regarding the cancer causing agent Benzo[a]Pyrene.  Our investigation supported actions that saved the property owner from potentially debilitating liability.  We also presented equitable remedial actions and most importantly, ensured no soil containing known carcinogens were placed in yards, gardens and playgrounds!  We’d be very pleased to help if you find yourself in a similar situation.

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